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What to do if you win BIG Money

Okay, picture the scene.

You’re sat on your sofa, all nice and cosy. You’re playing Foxy Bingo and need one more number. You’re so nervous, you can feel the butterflies fluttering in your stomach! Then that final number pops up. You’ve just hit the big time… YOU’VE WON!

You squeak like a mouse in a creamery, you’re over the moon! But suddenly, your mind begins to spin. What are you going to spend all your winnings on? How will you tell all your friends? You certainly don’t want your big win to turn you into a Scrooge and you just don’t want anything to change.

Remember Mirouku17 and Stacyp7? They had to figure it out too. But there’s no need to worry as we’ve rounded up some fun advice advice to follow when the jackpot hits your bank account.

1. You've Won

Foxy Dancing surrounded by other dancers
When I won I was so shocked

It’s time to bask in your glory. You’ve just won a lot of money!

Your immediate reaction might be to jump for joy, or scream and shout in jubilation! Have you got a special victory dance? Go on, throw some shapes, maybe a bit of moonwalking for the King or Queen of Foxy Bingo! You’ve earnt it! It’s going to be hard to wipe that smile off your face thinking about how lucky you are to have won the jackpot.

2. Make yourself a Cuppa

Once you’re done dancing and punching the air with joy it’s time to settle down with a nice cup of tea to keep you calm.

You just can’t beat a brew to clear your mind. A bit of Twinings English Breakfast for the special occasion will do nicely. You can taste the difference as well. As you take the first few sips you start daydreaming about your big win and planning what’s next on your list.

Being a winner might not be something you’ve experienced before so there’s a lot to take in! It’s like a Foxy disco going on up there in your noggin with all these exciting whizzy thoughts.

Tea being poured into a red mug with white spots

3. Tell the friends and family

Foxy reading a script with their director pointing to a line on the page

Now you’re feeling more relaxed, it’s time to collect your thoughts.. was it all a daydream?

You check your Foxy Bingo app and the balance. It WAS real! Now it’s time to do the rounds and spread the big news. Family first – Mum and Dad will be so happy. Don’t forget your sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles, mates from work, the neighbours down the road, the shopkeeper who used to sell you lottery tickets. Good grief, that’s a lot of phone calls to make!

4. Have a fancy Meal out!

After all those phone calls, you’ve worked up quite an appetite! What’s in the cupboards? Nothing. The fridge? Oh dear, that cheese should have been thrown away weeks ago. Looks like you’ll need to do some shopping. But wait a second. You’ve got enough money for a million shopping trips!

How about treating yourself to a delicious meal out? Where to go? There’s so much choice, now the world really is your oyster! You might even splash out with some bubbles as it is an extra special occasion and throw a toast to your wonderful win.

Two glasses of white wine, Champagne in an ice bucket and a platter of food on a table at a beachside restaurant
Try your luck on foxybingo

5. Go on your holidays!

Oh, you almost forgot the best part - A HOLIDAY! You’ve ruled out anywhere inland. You want somewhere really hot with beaming sunshine, a turquoise ocean and white sandy beach without any of those pesky pebbles. Somewhere worlds’ apart from your usual grey and drizzly staycation in the UK - and no need to bring your brolly.

Ahhhh this could be the perfect way to kick back, relax and unwind with your winnings. Why not order some room service to celebrate?

6. Time for an upgrade

By the time you get home, you’ll be relaxed and refreshed. But you’ve not forgotten about Foxy. You still log in and have a flutter. You enjoyed the fun before, why change it?

Perhaps you need some inspiration for your shopping list. That’s where Foxy’s Mini Life Upgrades comes in.

Simon had his own ideas - a new catering van and holiday for the family. The wackier the better! Plus if you need some BIG money inspiration, why not read about these random spending habits; everything from a $50k for a kiss with your favourite movie star or a swanky golf buggy if you’re into the eagles and birdies.

Smiling man wearing sunglasses recieving a new set of car keys

Foxy Bingo love to keep their users happy and turning them into winners. So what are you waiting for? Sign up!