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Winners' Stories

Mirouku17: £2 million Foxy Bingo Winner’s story

For Mirouku17, life wasn’t always bananas and creams but she had reason to party like it was 1979 when she won a gigantic £2 million on Millionaire Genie! Her story is extra special and shows just what can happen when you give Foxy Bingo a go-go! All it can take is one deposit, some good luck and who knows what could happen next! She told us about realising she was a winner and how the money has changed her life forever.

Being disabled, this will enable me to buy a suitable house with the adaptations for making my life safer and as comfortable as possible.

Realising I was a Foxy Bingo winner

Mirouku17 recounted the moment she realised she was Queen of the Cabbage: “When I won the jackpot and realised how much money was in my account I was stunned and had to get my son to check, the shock turned into a mix of emotion and elation as I realised how life changing this amount is going to be for us.” Fantastic! Imagine winning £2 million on Millionaire Genie just like Mirouku17 and the happy days you could share with your loved ones.

Playing Foxy Bingo

Mirouku17 said “Sometimes I'll play on the Foxy Bingo website and on this occasion I'm so glad I did.” That’s really all you have to do. Come hell or high water, you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

How winning will change my life

But what does it really mean for the new millionaire? “Being disabled, this will enable me to buy a suitable house with the adaptations for making my life safer and as comfortable as possible.” But she won’t be keeping the money all to herself, she says. “I intend to share the money with my son, who is my carer and the only person who's been with me all the time, through the good and bad.”

Life changing moments

No matter what, it just takes one moment o’ magic to completely change your life. Here are 5 well wicked examples:

  1. Stevie Wonder was in a coma for four days after an accident but a year later, he made his comeback and recorded Fulfillingness' First Finale, one of his best ever albums.
  2. Paolo Nespoli thought he was too old to follow his childhood dream of being an astronaut, but a journalist made him think twice and after some hard work, he finally got in and was sent on a mission to the International Space Station at the age of 50.
  3. Romesh Ranganathan was a teacher when he swapped classrooms for comedy but things didn’t all go smoothly. He was about to pack it all in before he won a major award. Lazarus, eat your heart out!
  4. When Michael Jackson recorded Billie Jean, his producer Quincy Jones wasn’t that keen. Jackson refused to let it die and with a bit of sleep and persistence, the song made it onto the album and made him a megastar.
  5. And look at Steve Jobs. Apple sacked him in 1985, he started a couple of major companies and they took him back in 1997 (and the companies too!) The rest is Ancient Greek history, as they say!